Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DJ JST & Amber Dirks - Rejoice (Symphony Club Mix).

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The simplicity of the lyrics, the amazing vocals and the stellar productions allow us to “REJOICE” and deliver the message that we wish with this song. And that is to just simply REJOICE. With the integrity, time, and energy that was set into creating “REJOICE” we feel we have captured a solid Maxi-Single without feeling it necessary to have many mixes that is typically found in maxi-singles. We believe that with the two club mixes and two radio edits produced we have successfully fashioned the perfect mixes that will satisfy both radio and club audiences alike. One of the unique and wonderful things that we love about “Rejoice” is we had Amber Dirks record exclusive Ad-libs for both producer/remixers. This meaning, both DJ JST & Reflex had different ideas for the directions that they wanted to take their mixes. We agreed and wanted to have both ideas come into fruition. So, with that we arranged two special recording sessions, in order for Amber to record the ad-libs for the respected mixes. Just simply “Rejoice” and enjoy the music.

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Bill Friar said...

PLease remove the rapid share download link to the Rejoice Symphony Club Mix. I appreciate your wanting to let people know about our song but you do not have our permission to freely distribute it.

Bill Friar Entertainment

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